skytere is an open source peer-to-peer digital currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world.

Work Process

Decentralized Supply Control Mechanism.

Skytere native coin is secure, fast and decentralized, supply controlled and market driven, demand based.

  • When the demand for Skytere rises, the price of Skytere experiences an upward trend.

  • This surge in price motivates miners to participate in the network leads to an increase in the network’s mining difficulty.

  • The increase in mining difficulty, results in the creation of more Skytere coins.

  • Conversely, when the demand for Skytere experiences a downtrend, the price of Skytere decreases.

  • This price reduces leading to some miners exiting the network. The network’s difficulty decrease, causing a corresponding adjustment in the coin supply.

  • This mechanism prevents oversupply and helps maintain the stability of Skytere’s ecosystem.

Best Features

Safe & Secure
Demand-Driven Supply BlockChain

Skytere is the next generation of PoW that ensures stability in market price through its demand-driven supply mechanism.

High Stability

Skytere is a unique blockchain that works on a demand-driven supply mechanism which ensures its extraordinary stability.

Low Cost
Stable Mining Cost

Skytere mining reward are depend on the network difficulty, therefore creating stability in mining costs.

The Timeline

Timeline is subject to change.


- Sketere Coin has max 21,000,000,000 supply, It adopts a demand-driven approach, where the coin supply is determined by market demand.

- To encourage miners to participate Sketere, before block 5040, mining reward is fixed 90% block.

- After block 5040, mining rewards will be ruduce to 30% from block.

- Smartnodes collateral : 800,000 SKYT

- reward distribution:

  • 30% Miner Reward
  • 60% smartnode
  • 10% Foundation Fund

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Frequently asked questions

What is Skytere?

Skytere is a Pow blockchain - a completely decentralized supply control mechanism and support offline mining.

Which wallet?

you can download the wallet according to your operating system (windows, linux, mac os) on wallet sections

How can I mine SKYT?

Join our discord, several community mining pools you can join.

Where can I buy or sell SKYT?

SKYT is will be listed various exchanges

What is smartnode?

Smartnodes are part of the infrastructure that sustains SKYT. Smartnodes verify new blocks and perform special roles in governing the blockchain.

What is the maximum supply of SKYT?

Skytere has no maximum supply. There is no limit set for the max supply of SKYT. It adopts a demand-driven approach, where the coin supply is determined by market demand. The production of SKYT will increase by increasing demand and vice versa due to its unique block reward distribution mechanism. But the key point is that the cost to mine one SKYT is high, so miners can only mine SKYT as per market demand. So there is no total supply limit for SKYT, it has only a circulating supply which increases as new coins are mined.

How to Join smartnode?

You need have 700,000 SKYT to join and run smartnode to get 30% off rewards